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Maria Zozaya studied History in the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), there was awarded with the BA prize of the Academic year (UCM, 1999) and the PhD Extraordinary Prize for doctoral dissertation in History (UCM, 2009). Between 1998 and 2008 she obtained several research grants (FPI-CAM; I3p-CSIC; Caja-Madrid Foundation). Those grants were held at the CSIC (National Council for Spanish Scientific Research). She had a Juan de la Cierva senior research contract to investigate in Valladolid´s University (Spain, 2008-2011). Besides the awards of Complutense University, she has received the Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda Prize (RMR, 1999); the Spanish Social History Society Research Prize (AHS, 2007); Villa de Madrid Award Antonio Maura (2008), which also awarded me with honours the year before (2007). She has given many conferences about sociability spaces  and has written four books.

Ceremony of  “Premios Villa de Madrid” 2008, María Zozaya received the award for the Council Research Antonio Maura (Alicia Moreno and Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón). Source: Channel Canal Metro.

SHORT CV in English

MARIA ZOZAYA (Madrid, Spain)


María Zozaya, Identidades en juego. Formas de representación social del poder de la elite en un espacio de sociabilidad masculino, 1836-1936. Madrid, AKAL, 2016, ISBN: 978-84-323-1791-0


El Casino de Madrid: ocio, sociabilidad, identidad y representación social. Madrid: UCM, 2008; ISBN: 978-84-669-3190-8.A_ImagenPortadaCAsinoOringenes y primera andadura

Viaje y prisión del ingeniero militar Román durante la Guerra de la Independencia (1808-1814). Madrid: Lázaro Galdiano 2007.  ISBN: 978-84-96411-50-0

RomanPage00015Del ocio al negocio. Redes y capital social en el Casino de Madrid, 1836-1900.- Madrid: La Catarata, 2008. ISBN: 978-84-8319-337-2.

El Casino de Madrid, Orígenes y primera andadura. Madrid: Casino de Madrid, 2002; ISBN: 84-607-6150-9; 280 pp.

Other Publications: many articles and scientific writings in books.ExperienciaMemoriaMarcialPons100895042_g

Conferences: numerous conferences and papers in international congresses.

Languajes spoken:

English (G), French (G); Portuguese (M).

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2008. PhD in History, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Doctor Europeus. Complutense prize (below). Department of Contemporary History.

1998-2000. MA courses in “Contemporary Spain, national identity, social development and international relationships”.

1993/98. BA in History. Complutense University of Madrid. Specialization in XIXth Century Spanish History. Complutense prize (below).

Grants & training experience

-2013-2017. Postdoctoral grant FCT, Fundaçao da Ciencia e Tecnologia. Held at CIDEHUS, Universidade de Évora (Portugal).

2008-2011. Juan de la Cierva Senior Research Contract, University of Valladolid (UVA), Spain.

2012: Honorary Fellow at UVA, Spain, Department of Modern and Contemporary European History and American History, 2102.

2005-2008. CSIC (Spanish National Centre for Research), Institute of History (IH). Pre-doctoral fellowship awarded by Caja-Madrid Foundation.

2003-2004. CSIC “i3P” postgraduate research grant. Held at: CSIC, IH.

1999-2003. FPI, Pre-doctoral fellowship, Autonomus Community of Madrid.  CSIC, IH. Then, granted for being visiting researcher at:

2000, LSE, Cañada Blanch Centre, with P. Preston & S. Balfour.

2001, FRU, François Rabelais University, Tours, France. J.-L. Guereña.

2002, EHESS, Hispanic Studies Group, supervisor: J. Canal.

2003, Université Paris VIII, supervisor: J.-L. Guereña.

1998. Grant for Beginning Researchers, in: CSIC, IH. Ministry of Education. 

Honours: Awards in prizes

1999. Extraordinary Graduate Prize in History, Complutense University of Madrid.

1999. Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda Award.

2009. Extraordinary Doctorate Prize in History, Complutense University of Madrid.ocioalNego100812669_g

2007. Research price of the Social History Association of Spain, AHS.

2008. Madrid Town Council Award, Research Prize of Municipal Research Antonio Maura, PVM. 2007: Also awarded the year before with an honourable mention, PVM.

About me:

María Zozaya studies leisure and elites, the ways sociability spaces contributed to develope the common society in the process of implementation of Liberalism (XIX-XXth Cent).  She has a blog  about sociability and another about contemporary arts, TearTres.

She spreads Jazz, blues and soul music; adores skating (was the staff of the Ice Rink Ice Palace in Madrid); and loves cooking (made a one year course of the INEM). She has a project which promote to reuse objects and plant on them: Crowd-Recycling. She is doing it in the city of Évora, mainly in the School Manuel Ferreira Patricio with kids which are fantastic and excluded of the society. If you like it, say it on facebook (thanks si much). Join us, reuse objetcs is an historical issue.


Photo: Crowd Recycling project



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ACTIVIDAD ACADÉMICA de la doctora en Historia María Zozaya-Montes. Investigación en Historia Social y Cultural de la etapa Contemporánea (siglos XIX y XX). RESEARCH WORKS about Social History

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